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Why you should always sign up for Tournament Back-ups

Tabbing tournaments is hard work and sometimes mistakes are made! Have you ever been in a situation where tabroom staff made a mistake or an error in your tournament?

Did you know that offers a feature that can help resolve mistakes and errors by setting your tournament back to before the error was made? This feature is called Tournament back-ups. Tournament data that has been backed up can be used to restore any tournament to a previous point in time should a catastrophic error occur.

To sign up for a tournament’s back-up data follow these steps:

Click settings >> events

Pick the event that you’d like to receive back-up information and data for. For this example we’ve chosen Policy

Click the updates tab

Enter the email address that you’d like to receive back-up data. Entering your email address here will ensure that you receive back up information on a round by round basis.

If you’d like to receive back-up data for the entire tournament click the button below and you’ll be prompted to a screen where you can enter the email address where you’d like to receive that information.

Here are the steps to upload back-up data

Click schematics >> and the event that you received back up data for.

Click the round that you’d like to restore to, and then the settings button

Click the upload and restore button and follow the on screen instructions