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What happened to the speech over time function?

There used to be a setting in rules/tie breaks that we could check that would mark a piece overtime and allow for penalties, etc.
Just wondering if that feature would be returning and allowed to use for sweeps disqualifications, etc? Usually we could have judges mark as usual and have the tabroom automatically mark the piece down one on its own, but now its a confusion as to what to do by our judges and creating inconsistency.
Also, Our drama comps would like to use tabroom, but are wary to use it for tabulation and go completely online as this feature has gone even to mark it period. We at least can manually do the sweeps and take them off the list, but keeping track of the overtimes without a separate sheet is harder to ensure.

I can try to get some clarification from the developers but I believe this should allow judges to mark violations and then have tabroom automatically adjust rank. When creating a rule, you can add a consequence to a violation. For example, if judges were to enter ranks, tabroom can automatically add 1 to the rank (or whatever the penalty ought to be).

When creating your tiebreaks, enter the consequence in the box next to “Rule violation adds”. When a number is entered here, the judge should see a box where they can mark if a piece is in violation. They would enter the rank assuming no violation and then tabroom would impose the tournament mandated violation.

If this is not what you have in mind, please let us know, and we’ll follow up.

In Debate that would work and glad to know there is something…this is not what we used to have and definitely not intuitive. However, for Drama we just have to know if over time as it makes them ineligible for Sweeps—and finals rounds. IT doesn’t look like this would do that…
As Sweeps currently doesn’t have a way to do it by speaker points for IES, we have to manually enter sweeps and just having it marked in tabroom for us to know how many times overtime would be beneficial to be able to enter sweeps correctly.
Thank you for looking into it…
Aesthetics with buttons are great, but I’d also like the functionality for things we use if possible as well.

If you set a penalty in the tiebreakers for what a rule violation does, tabroom will ask judges for the violation and apply the penalty. I think this should work for Drama and other IE events.

@drmajnke At this time, there is not a setting that allows a judge to automatically mark a student as being ineligible to break to finals based on a rule violation. You can permit the judge to mark a time violation. If the penalty is a rank penalty, our original response addresses that. You can make the penalty high enough that they wouldn’t mathematically be able to break.

If the penalty is merely disqualification from reaching elims, you can mark a student as ineligible from advancing to elims (with no automatic rank penalty on top of that)

There is a toggle switch on the right of a student’s entry screen to mark a student as “ineligible for elims”. This does not adjust any ranks; it just skips over them when advancing students to elims.

that’s what I use currently…thanks

Right now the rule violation only asks for how much it adds to their rank?, nothing else, which isn’t enough yet for them…we need to be able to take away points for sweeps and after two violations make them ineligible for elims automatically…
Until then, we will be using paper ballots for them…