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Welcome to the support forums!

Welcome to the Support Forums! This site is a place to get assistance with using Tabroom,

Make sure to also check out the Online Manual for more information about using Tabroom.

Tabroom Forum is an interactive medium to allow speech and debate coaches, judges, and students exchange ideas and questions with NSDA-trained support staff to maximize utility of the software. Whether you’re a coach registering for tournaments, a judge filling out online ballots, a student accessing their results history, or a tournament director setting up your tournament, an online community is here to help. To ask for help, create a new topic and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can!

Prior to posting a question on this forum, we expect users to read the materials provided by the NSDA (e.g., tabroom manual, similar posts and answers in this forum, notes in margins on screens, etc.). NSDA-designated “superusers” (who are teachers/coaches tapped by the NSDA to manage this forum) will respond to questions as soon as possible, but Tabroom Forum is not a “live” chatting vehicle. If there are urgent questions, those may be best directed to the tabroom helpline email (