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Strategies for Staying Updated At Tournaments

  1. Email and Text Notifications

Tournaments hosted on have the option to send notifications to judges and students via text and/or email alerts. These notifications help tournament participants stay updated on all tournament progress, know when the pairings have been released, and notify judges of any swaps.

To set up your account to receive notifications, follow these steps:

  1. After logging in, select the “Profile” button at the top of the page:

  2. Make sure you have filled out your phone number and cell phone provider, then select "Save Changes.” Your cell phone provider must be correct in order for you to receive updates.

  3. Check that the “No Emails or Texts” button has NOT been checked. To stop receiving notifications, you can check this box, and it will prevent you from receiving any tournament or circuit emails.

  4. Receiving Updates About an Entry at a Tournament has a feature called “Live Updates” that allows you to receive notifications about entries and judges on a per-tournament basis. If you sign up to receive live updates about an entry or judge, you will be copied on the notifications that are sent to them, including pairing releases, notifications about that student/judge missing from rounds, and important tournament updates.

To add people to your live updates list:

  1. Go to the tournament in question and select the “Live Updates” tab. If you are not yet following anyone, your list will be blank.

  1. Select an event/division of entries, a list of judges, or an entire school, then select a result to add it to your list. After selecting one, you’ll see a list of possible entries/judges/schools to follow. Select an entry to follow them.


  1. Once you are following an entry/judge, they will move to the “Your are following” section of the page. You will receive a confirmation email whenever you start following someone. To stop following them, simply select them once more or select “Stop Your Live Updates” to stop following everyone.

  1. Emailing tournament attendees now allows people with school admin access to directly send emails to their participants and parents of their participants in a tournament.

To send an email, first access the tournament by selecting it on the homepage of Then select the “emails” tab, then select who you’d like the email to go to from the “send to category”. Then select a choice from the “entry types” below and add a subject, details of your message and hit send message.