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Solving Student Districts Eligibility Issues

To see which students believes are districts-eligible, go to the “Tournaments” tab on to the District Tournament section, and select the “Check Student Eligibility” button.

For students to be eligible for participation in a district tournament, they must meet three criteria:

  1. Students must have at least 25 NSDA points
  2. Students must have a paid NSDA membership
  3. Students must have an email address connected to their NSDA account.

Students will have a green checkmark in the “Eligible?” column if they meet all three criteria. If you notice that the eligibility status for a student is different than their eligibility on your NSDA roster, follow these steps to sync up the two systems:

Go to the “Competitors” tab in to find your roster. There are three buttons that will force through a sync.

  1. Select “Import NSDA roster”. This is typically useful if you do not see students who are on your NSDA roster listed on your roster at all.

  1. Select “Connect Competitors to NSDA Memberships”. This is typically useful if isn’t recognizing that your students are NSDA members.

This will bring up a list of unlinked students, use the drop down menu to connect the students to their appropriate memberships and hit confirm, and the “link students” button.

  1. Select “Sync NSDA Points & Degrees”. This is typically useful if your student’s entry on your roster has an NSDA membership ID, but their paid membership status or points are not updated.

Selecting “Sync NSDA Points & Degrees” will update the points of the students on your roster to match the total amounts listed on the website.