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Shortening school names

Although the automated process of shortening names is very helpful (e.g., Christopher Palmer High School to just Christopher Palmer), there are times when it doesn’t produce the ideal result. Tournament admin’s should have the ability to change the shortened name and then apply that new name automatically to entries for which school name is part of the entry code.

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Possible alternative: Allowing schools to preset their shortened name in their school settings. If Christopher Palmer High School is known to its students as Palmer, and is never called Christopher Palmer by those who attend, it would be a more useful shortened name, but the system has no way of knowing that.

I am torn. Locally, we are just “Newman”, but I always use “Isidore Newman” in the speech/debate world, especially since there may be other schools with longer formal names but are just called “Newman” locally (or we could be confused with Newman Smith HS if we were competing in the Dallas area). In the end, the two suggestions are not mutually exclusive (in theory). Ultimately, it’s a question of who has access to edit the field in the software that gets used on entry lists and published schematics. Currently, no one has access to that field, and we are both suggesting that school admin and/or tournament admin have access to edit that field at some point in the account set up or tournament registration process.