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Registering for your District Tournament

It’s that time of the year again and District Tournaments are kicking off! makes it very easy for coaches to register.

Just follow these steps:

  1. First check to ensure that your tabroom account is linked to your NSDA account. If your account is linked, your screen should look like this. It should list your district name and strength number.

If your account is not linked then your screen will look like the image below, and you’ll be prompted to link your account to the NSDA website.

  1. After you’ve linked your account you’ll need to check to ensure that your students are eligible to participate in your district tournament.

To check this, go to the “Tournaments” tab on, specifically the District Tournament section, and select the “Check Student Eligibility” button.

Remember that for students to be eligible for participation in a district tournament, they must meet three criteria:

a. Students must have at least 25 NSDA points
b. Students must have a paid NSDA membership
c. Students must have an email address connected to their NSDA account.

Click here for the post on how to access and solve student district eligibility issues.

Please note that because district tournaments are not publicly accessible to all schools, the “Register” tab will not appear on the public-facing tournament page. Instead, schools must register from the Tournaments tab on their institution’s home page.

  1. Once you have determined that your students are eligible to participate in your district tournament you can click the button below to proceed with registration