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Public Judge Signups

Tournament administrators can now invite judges with accounts to sign up to be hired or volunteer as a judge for their tournament. The public judge signup feature can streamline the process of adding hired judges to a tournament, collect necessary information from hires and volunteers, and communicate judge requirements to the people adjudicating your events.

Tournament Host Options

Tournament administrators can enable public judge sign ups on the Settings » Judges » Hires tab. Tournament hosts have a variety of customizable options. They can select when the sign up period opens and closes, require judges who sign up to have a paradigm and/or phone number attached to their account, allow judges to identify as diversity-enhancing, and ask judges to enter school and entry conflicts as part of the signup process. Additionally, tournament hosts can require judges to take a certification course, complete customized forms, ask them to sign up for particular judging shifts, and gather information about pools they are interested in judging in.

Judges who sign up through this process are not added to the tournament’s judging pool until they are approved by a tournament administrator. Tournaments can view sign ups on a per judge category basis by navigating to Entries » Judges » select a judge pool » Public Signups. Judges can be activated (approved) from this page. Note that judges are not automatically notified when you activate them, so make sure you reach out to hired/volunteer judges you accept so they are aware they are judging!

How Judges Sign Up

When a tournament has enabled public judge sign ups, navigating to the tournament’s public-facing site will show a “Judge Signup” tab. Selecting this tab will enable judges with a account to read customized tournament instructions and complete required forms created by the tournament host.

If enabled by tournament hosts, judges will also have the ability to sign up for available judging shifts, self-identify as diversity-enhancing, and enter school and competitor conflicts for the tournament. Judges may only use the public sign up option to sign up for one judge category as determined by the tournament host (e.g., Speech, Lincoln-Douglas, or Novice Debate). If a judge wants to be entered in multiple judge categories (LD and PF), they must reach out to the tournament director who can manually add them to additional categories.

Judges are not active in the tournament until a tournament administrator approves their sign up. Judges will know if their sign up has been approved when their status in the upper right corner of the Signups tab changes from “Your signup HAS NOT YET been accepted” to “Your signup has been accepted.” Please make sure you reach out to the tournament director for confirmation of hire.