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Prevent names on speech pairings from overlapping each other

Speech pairings have a tendency to squish names together, resulting in a look like this:


I threw this topic to the NDCA FB group and they had this to say:

Don’t know why it occurs but it can be fixed if the tab staff resaves the sectioning settings for each event. They would go to Settings…Events. Then, click on an event. Click on Sectioning tab. Double check “Schematic Orientation” and “List entries by” are set the way they want. Then SAVE. Even if they make no changes, SAVE usually fixes the issue.


I have found that selecting the Vertical Orientation under the Settings - Events - Sectioning tab usually clears that issue up.

While these are interesting workarounds, it would be ideal to have the software just work from the get-go.

I had my brother (a front-end dev) take a look at it and he had these recommendations for the CSS (or the thing that generates the CSS):

tbody td.nospace {
    display: flex;

tbody tr span.nospace {
    width: auto !important;

# and Remove class nowrap from judges column divs (div.full.padless.nowrap) 

Hopefully this is enough to go on! Let me know if you need more details.

Thank you. We will pass this on to the development team.