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Paper ballots--"URL not found Error"

I’m trying to print out paper ballots for a speech event but when I go to ‘Reports’ and click “Printed Ballots by Judge Name” I am taken to a blank page that says the ‘url is not found’. All of my other speech events were able to generate printable ballots with no issue, is there an incorrect setting?

After asking around, the solution to this problem is that there is likely a special character (@, #, &, ~, %, etc.) in either a student name or piece title that is generating the error. The error in this instance happened to not be part of a student’s name, but the fact that one of the piece titles had an ampersand (&) in it which was generating the error. Removing the ‘&’ and replacing it with the word ‘and’ resolved the issue and ballots were able to be printed.

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Some tournaments add their tournament or school logo to their tabroom site. This logo appears on the main page of the site. It also appears on invoices and paper ballots. However, if there is an issue with the logo (i.e., illegal character in the file name), there also may be an issue with printing ballots. Removing the logo would resolve the issue, if the logo itself is the nature of the problem