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New: Students Can Rank Legislation

Tournament directors can now conduct a student vote on legislation through This is a useful feature to allow students to rank submitted legislation to determine if or in what rounds it will be debated.

Tournament admin instructions: Go to Entries > Events > any event marked “Congress” in the event settings. On the right side, there’s a new button labeled “Bill Docket / Student Voting”. Navigating to that page allows you to enter a label/title for a piece of legislation and an (optional) link to that legislation. You can set the voting open/close deadlines for entries on this page and upload a CSV on this page as well. Directly from this page, you can send an email to entries in Congress and their coaches. Tournament admins can click “vote tallies” at the top of this page to see the results of the vote.

Student voting instructions: Entries will log in to their Tabroom accounts once voting opens, find the tournament listing under the “Future” tab, and see a notification that “legislation voting is open and due ___” with an icon to take them to their ballot. The ballot asks for ranks and does not allow ties but does allow the ballot to be submitted with blank ranks.

Tournament admin view

Student view

Results view