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My student is not showing up on competitor roster even though they were previously active

I suspect that we will see this problem with increasing frequency as we move into January 2022.

There are two likely culprits for why a student who was previously added to a competitor roster is no longer appearing:

The first is that when creating that student’s account, the coach or student accidentally set the “grad year” to early and the student has been ‘retired’ automatically. This happens at the end of each calendar year which is why you might still see students with a 2021 graduation year on your roster; when we move into 2022, those students will be automatically retired and removed from your active roster.

The second possibility is that you or another coach may have accidentally clicked the toggle button to ‘retire’ this student.

Both of these options can be reversed and the student can be added back to the active roster. To undo either of these actions, you simply need to click the red “don’t” icon at the top of your roster.

This will allow you to see all of your retired competitors (which can be quite a lengthy list) and locate the student who was accidentally retired prematurely. By simply clicking the red ‘retire’ toggle button, the student will be un-retired and added back to your active roster.