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Hybrid Tournament Features on Tabroom now offers hybrid tournament features for debate events! Hybrid debate tournaments host a portion of the competition virtually, which means rounds occur both in person and on NSDA Campus or another video conferencing platform. The following are the steps to creating a hybrid tournament.

  1. Create your rooms

First, go through the process of requesting a tournament on After the tournament has been requested and events have been created, you can select the settings that designate the tournament as a hybrid tournament. These settings are only available in debate events.

At Settings » Events » Online, toggle the button Y for an “Online/In Person Hybrid” tournament. Then, select whether the online portion of the tournament will be hosted on NSDA Campus or another video conferencing platform. If you are not using NSDA Campus, select the “Synchronous via pre-created room URLs”
setting. If you are using NSDA Campus, be sure to purchase and allocate your rooms at Settings » Tournament » Payment. Then, set up your in-person rooms at Settings » Sites &
Rooms. If the online portion of your tournament is using nonNSDA Campus virtual rooms, create your tournament site at Settings » Sites & Rooms » Add/edit tournament sites Add your online rooms and your in-person rooms. Because your tournament is hybrid, do not designate your site as online on the Site Settings tab. Instead, add your virtual room links as the map URL for each online room.

  1. Marking Online Entries and Judges

Once you have marked an event as “Online/In Person Hybrid” in event settings, coaches will be able to designate which of their entries and judges in that event are online during the registration process. As a tournament administrator, you can designate participants as online by going to their entry or judge edit screen and toggling “Online Hybrid” on the right side of the page.

  1. Pairing Hybrid Events

During the tournament, you’ll notice a computer icon next to online, remote judges and competitors on the pairing screen, round details screen, and the online status dashboard. When you pair preset debates, the software will automatically try to maximize in-person-only and online-only debate matchups. When powermatching, the bracket
will come first, and more hybrid debates will occur.

Hybrid debate events using NSDA Campus will find that can automatically assign the correct type of room to a round. When a debate is occurring with two entries and a judge all marked as online, will only assign that debate an NSDA Campus room. When a debate is occurring with participants who have a mix of in-person and online status, will assign both an in-person room and an NSDA Campus room for that debate. When you’re using non-NSDA Campus online rooms, plan to assign rooms manually to ensure the correct type of room is assigned according to the participants’ needs. If you make changes to a pairing with a judge or competitor that is online, be sure to toggle the Online/Hybrid button on the round details screen to ensure the correct room is chosen, which will enable or disable the video link in your tournament sites.