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How can I tell if my students have linked accounts?

You can tell that a student has a linked account by going to the Competitors tab and looking for an email address in the “Account” column. If an email is not listed there, the student’s account is not linked to your school’s roster, and the student will not be able to access NSDA Campus rooms or view tournament results.

For example, Matt Bopes DOES have a linked account because an email appears in the Account column. Lauren Burdt does not.

Adding a student to your school’s roster on the Competitors tab is not the same as linking their account. For a student to have a account, the student must visit the website and click the sign up button on the top right corner of the page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once the student’s account has been created, the team’s administrator or coach needs to click the Competitors tab to access the school’s roster, look to the right hand side of the screen, and click the button that says “add new student”. Then, copy and paste the email address that the student used to create their account in the search box entitled “Find student w/ a Tabroom login”. This will link the student’s account to the team’s competitors roster. If a record for the student already exists on the Competitors tab, then a new one does not need to be created. Simply edit the existing record by clicking the student’s name and copy/pasting the email address associated with their account where it says “Link [name] to a account”.

If there is no account attached to the email address that is copy and pasted, then the following error message will appear. That means the student needs to create an account.