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Two new updates to the tournament list:

  1. A new column called “tournament type” indicates if a tournament is holding online events, in-person events, and/or hybrid events. Note: this does not have to be “all or nothing”. If a tournament has some events that are in-person and other events are online, both icons will be shown. “Hybrid” denotes that the tournament permits both online and in-person entries in the same event (e.g., some Varsity Policy teams may be competing at the host school while others may be competing from home or their own schools). In all cases, you should still click on the tournament name for details.

The three different icons:
“person form” - in-person
“computer monitor” - virtual
“hand shake” - hybrid
Home page 2

  1. At the far right of the tournament list on the home page is a new column that denotes if a tournament has activated the “judge sign up” feature. This allows judges to register themselves for a tournament. Typically, those are judges who are volunteering their time or who wish to be hired (if the tournament permits). Each tournament can decide for themselves to activate this feature. If a judge signs themselves up, please note that it does not mean that you are guaranteed to be judging. Judges who sign themselves up are automatically marked as “inactive”, pending a final decision made by the tournament administration as to whether they are accepting a judge’s offer.

In the picture above, DUDA MS Tournament 2 has activated public sign up for World Schools Debate and Policy Debate, while Alief Early College has turned on public sign up for all of their judge categories.