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Feature Request - Online/In-Person Variable as a Tiebreaker

We are running a tournament in a few months. For debate events, we are thinking about running a hybrid tournament.

One administrative concern if having a bunch of teams who are in person debating a bunch of teams that are online. These “hybrid” rounds increase the number of physical rooms required. Rather than need one physical rooms (if two in-person teams debate each other in-person, and two online teams debate each other online), we would need two physical rooms (if each in-person team debates an online team). These in-person versus online rounds are also the least fun/educational round types for students. Online students would prefer to debate online students; and in-person students would prefer to debate in-person students.

Rather than hosting separate divisions, we do want to host one hybrid division. One solution we thought of that would solve the above issues is to use an “in-person?” binary variable as the first tiebreaker after wins for debate prelims tiebreakers. We don’t plan on using this variable for elims. Theoretically, given relatively balanced pools, it should dramatically minimize the amount of in-person versus online debates that occur during prelims (when we have room constraints).

It shouldn’t be too hard to add the tiebreaker variable consider it is already coded during registration as part of the “hybrid” option under “online” registration tab.

Is this possible?


Hi Chris!

Thank you for sending over this new feature request. It sounds like it could be very useful for you and other coaches when running tournaments. At this time, we cannot implement an online/in-person variable as a tiebreaker, but I have passed along the inquiry to our developers and will see if this is something that we can create in the near future!