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Congress unable to give/edit feedback after submission of ballot

This is has really only been this year, we noticed it earlier but had hoped it would be fixed throughout the year.
It would be lovely if our judges could go in and enter/edit feedback like the other events and like they used to so that Congress students receive the feedback.

In order for judges to be able to enter feedback after they submit their ballots, they have to assign points to the speech before submitting. Tabroom records that a speech has been given if points have been entered. Once that has been “saved”, then judges can go back and add comments after submitting and confirming.

Yes, and that is problematic for many of our judges who are doing it on phones, are older etc who take avid paper notes but then can’t enter them. All the other events don’t have this and it didn’t used to be that way. OR maybe we make it an option so that those who want that option can have it? In Utah we don’t use Congress speech points in determining things so…

We will refer this issue to our developers. The difference with Congress is that ranks are typically used to tabulate results, but speaker points are rarely used in tabulation at all. In tabroom, each speech is stored as a separate textbox. But since the number of speeches varies widely per speaker in Congress, each individual speech needs to be saved in the tabroom database. The trigger that gets a Congress speech saved is assigned points. If not that, then it would need to be something else such as the bill/resolution they spoke on or hte side they spoke on. Thus, judges need to enter at least the speaker points just to get the speech text box saved. In all other events, there is a pre-set # of speeches given, so it is easier to pre-program the # of text boxes that are needed. The nature of Congress necessitates this difference in the judge interface, given the way judge comments are stored.

We understand your concern, and we will refer this to the developers to see if there are other options when coding the judge feedback feature.

thank you…our long time judges have just been frustrated this year with this…my husband takes copious notes and then goes in and types them up as he doesn’t type well and prefers that…didn’t used to have this issue…we appreciate you at least listening.