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Completing the NSDA/NFHS Cultural Competency Training

Follow these steps to complete the cultural competency training and certify your completion on

  1. Login on and select judge certifications under the judging header on the right side of the page.

  1. Select the icon under the take column

  1. Select the link below

  1. Select the image below on the judge training page of the NSDA website, and you’ll then be forwarded to the NFHS website where you can complete the course.

  1. Create an account, select your state and add the course to your cart.

  1. Complete the process for checking out. The course is free!

  2. The course should now appear under my courses. Complete the course, and return to the judging certifications cultural competency training page.

  1. Select the checkbox and select save answers

  1. Select paradigm under the judging header on the right side of the homepage of

  1. Click the Icon below on the next screen to access your paradigm’s public page

  1. Select certifications and you should now see a badge listed for all your hard work!

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