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Broken Feature - Breakout Flags Marked By Coach at Registration


We are running a tournament in a couple months.

I’d like to host one “open” division of a debate event but have coaches mark whether the team is eligible for novice or JV breakout elimination rounds. Thus prelims will be under one division but it will split into three divisions for elims. This helps dramatically for prelim parity for smaller tournaments.

On tabroom, under the Settings / Events, under the Registration tab for the appropriate event, there is a Breakout/Flags category where I can create these flags. Below that there is a “Breakout 1 marked at registration by coach?” option that should be the feature to enable what I want.

It currently is broken. Clicking it does nothing for the coach registering the team.

Last year, when running a tournament, I had to manually create three separate divisions, then collapse them the day before the tournament, and manually create breakout elims based on the prior divisions. It was a lot of work. I’d prefer to use the feature tabroom intends us to use for this option.

I’m hoping to have this fixed for our tournament this year.

Thank you!

Hi Chris,

Essentially what you need to do is create labels for the breakouts that you want, and then coaches will be able to register for them once they have been created.

Chris, we have written up some specific instructions on how to use breakout flags. Please see this link. Tabroom breakout flags - Google Docs