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Breakout groups

Some tournaments merge smaller divisions of varying skill level into a single open division but then wish to “breakout” a separate division once elimination rounds begin. For example, if a tournament has 8 varsity teams and 5 novice teams, they may prefer to combine into a single division of 13 teams and then break to semis. However, the novices may get beat up and have a very low chance of breaking. Thus, a tournament may wish to identify the top 2 novice teams who did not advance and have them debate each other in a novice final. Tabroom software fully supports running a merged division, allowing coaches or tournament administrators to flag some of those entries as being eligible for a breakout elim, and then setting up those rounds without having to run two different events throughout the tournament.

If administrators are interested in learning more about this, they may follow this link which includes written directions and screen shots.