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Auto-Posting NSDA Points

The most efficient way to enter students’ NSDA points is with the auto-posting feature. If you connect your NSDA roster to, points for tournaments hosted on are available for auto-posting within hours of the tournament being completed. Advisors can log in on the NSDA website and confirm pending auto-posted points rather than calculating and entering them manually.

Before points can be auto-posted, two things must happen:

  1. The institution in must be connected to the school on the NSDA site. The connection is made by inputting the NSDA School ID number into the institutions settings. Select the “Settings” tab of your school in, enter the NSDA School ID number found on your school’s NSDA profile, and save.

  1. Student names on your school’s roster must be linked to their NSDA memberships on the NSDA website before the tournament begins.

To ensure that your NSDA student roster is connected to your student roster in

First, access your competitor roster in by selecting the “Competitors” tab. Then select “Connect Competitors to NSDA Memberships”.

This will bring up a list ofstudents on your roster who are not linked to your NSDA account. Use the drop down menu to connect the students to their appropriate memberships,hit confirm, and select the “link students” button.

If there are students on your NSDA roster that are not on your roster, select the “Import NSDA Roster to” button.

This will bring over your most up to date roster from the NSDA website to Now there’s just one more step to ensure that students can be linked for autoposting.

Select the button below: