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Are there enough judges for each round?

I was recently told about a feature that is useful for tournaments that have a “revolving door” for judges. If there are a significant number of judges that are available for a portion for the tournament, tournament directors have to go through the judge notes and enter time blocks for some of the judges [or directors have enabled the “shifts” feature that allows coaches or judges (if they use public sign up) to enter this information direclty into tabroom]. When there are lot of partially available judges, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of how many judges are actually available. Tabroom will generate a report of how many judges are available for each round.

To acces this report, tournament admins should go to the Paneling menu and select Judges.

Select the judge category in the upper right. This example is for the Speech division at a tournament earlier this year. Click on the tab for “Availability”. The next screen should give you all of the events tied to the selected judge category and then give a breakdown of how many judges are available for each round (based on the time strikes that have been entered)

This allows directors to determine if there will be judge shortages for particular rounds. In the image above, The 3 divisions of Declamation were all in the same time slot. Although more judges were available for Round 1 than Round 4, there was not a problem since the total number of judges needed in that pattern was around 40. Thus, the tournament had plenty of judges for each preliminary round of Pattern A.

Note: if you run this report AFTER assigning judges to some rounds, the number of judges available will change. This report factors in time strikes as well as existing judge assignments to specific rounds.