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Are NSDA and tabroom accounts different?

Do users need to maintain different accounts on the NSDA website and the tabroom website? Does creating an account on one automatically give me access to the other?

They are two different accounts.
NSDA account - designed for NSDA members to have access to NSDA resources (e.g., videos of past final rounds, documents for coaches and contestants), monitor honor society points account - required for those who are registering for, competing at, or judging at tournaments being managed by software. Each individual user needs their own account. Without an account, coaches will not be able to register their students, judges will not be able to access their online ballots, and students will not be able to receive round notifications or access their virtual competition room (if tournament is using NSDA Campus). Tabroom accounts are for the SOLE purpose of being part of a tournament using software.

A user must actively visit both NSDA website ( and and create an account. One may use the same credentials (email and password), but they do, in fact, need two separate accounts.

The two accounts can be linked (e.g., one’s tabroom account can be connected to one’s NSDA account). A coach’s institution can be linked to the school’s NSDA membership. This will help coaches register for NSDA-sponsored tournaments (i.e., Districts and Nationals). If students are NSDA members, coaches should link their accounts in order to (1) easily record honor points when a tournament is over, and (2) register for the District or National tournament.