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Adding accommodation notes to an entry's ballots now offers a feature where tournament administrators can notify judges of approved accommodations for people with disabilities in their debate rounds. The information about these accommodations will only appear on the ballots of the judges that participate in the entry’s rounds. The accommodations can be added to the student’s entry on by a tournament admin, and the notes about the accommodations will be deleted automatically from your tournament the night after your tournament stop date to help keep data secure.

How a tournament administrator can add an accommodation note to a student’s entry:

Find the student who you would like to add an accommodation for in their school’s registration. Click their name to open up the entry’s details.

On the right side of the entry details page, click the “Ballot Notes for Accommodations” button.

You will be brought to a page where you will be asked to enter notes about the specific accommodation for the student.

Please note that you may only enter accommodation information in the box. Refrain from sharing any private information about a student’s disability; exposing students’ personal information is a violation of privacy and terms of service.

You must agree to the disclaimer about privacy before you can enter the note.

After the accommodation has been added, click save notes.

For the duration of the tournament, the accommodation note for that entry will be listed on all judges’ ballots.

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