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A student is listed twice on my roster, how do I resolve this?

If a student/judge/coach has created two separate accounts they can be merged by submitting a help ticket and a tabroom staff member can merge the accounts.

However, this problem most frequently occurs when a coach adds a student’s name and information to their “Competitor” roster prior to the student creating a tabroom account and then after the student creates an account, a coach also adds that student to the roster using the “add student w/ an existing tabroom login” feature.

This creates two entries for the same student, one that is linked to an existing tabroom account and one that is not. This becomes a problem when registering for tournaments because it is possible that coaches see two identical names and accidentally register the ‘unlinked’ student.

This problem can be resolved by marking the unlinked student as “retired” using the toggle button on the right side of the competitor roster. This action will remove the duplicate name from the active roster leaving only the linked student name.

Coaches can also “deduplicate” students if they appear on the roster more than once. Before using the deduplicate feature, coaches need to make sure that there is an exact text match in the name fields and an exact text match in the grad year. To edit any of the names to make them match (e.g., removing or adding a middle name/initial), click in any of the name fields. Use the next screen to edit and then save. Once names and grad years are aligned, click on the yellow “deduplicate” button in the upper right and select the students that need to be merged into one record on your roster.

If one of the records was linked to a tabroom account while the other was not, it is possible that you may have to reenter the tabroom account to re-establish a link.